Nymph Hair V4/A4/RM’s Circe

Nymph Hair V4/A4/RM's Circe
A lovely morphing hair for Victoria 4, Aiko 4 and Rebelmommy’s Circe! With 5 tails props as shown below, each containing morphs with shorter and longer morphs, wind and style morphs, the combinations for styles is endless.

Base comes with 14 extra colors not including base blonde colors, each set of tails comes with matching mats. Also included are morphing wings with endless mats, morphing necklace with the ability to morph it smaller or bigger, 5 earrings for each ear, including elf earrings, 2 hair sticks, one plain, one with pearls, hair pearls with matching jewelry colors, 2 rings, one for left hand , one for right. Unlimited mats totalling 212 mats included in this package!

Product Requirements:RM’s Circe
Nymph Hair V4/A4/RM's Circe


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