Oracle Jewels

“Oracle Jewels” includes:

– 01 Conforming Necklace
– 01 Pair Oracle Hoops
– 01 Pair Tri-Hoops
– 01 Oracle Bracelet
– 01 Tri-Hoops Bracelet

– 05 Colors for all pieces

– 01 Instructions text file
– 01 Render Settings .jpg file

Morphs included are listed in the read me above.

Oracle Jewels contain a light emitter material zone in each piece. The light emitter material is made from ambient material settings and can be adjusted to whatever you like for more/less glow, you may also change colors with just a few clicks via the material room. Light emitters only work with IDL light render settings and so my own render settings are included along with a text file to help you get started.

The set does not have to be used with IDL, you can use this set with any version of Poser 6+ however to take full advantage of the “glow” effect you would need to use Poser 9+ (with IDL checked in render settings.)

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