Oskarsson's Wertham

Instructions For Use:

1) The glowing eyes are a conforming figure and needs to be conformed to Victoria4. Also, a MAT pose that can be found in \Pose\Oskarsson\Wertham\Glowing Eyes\ needs to be applied to Victoria 4.

2) When deleting the eyes the lights parented to the eyes don’t get deleted. Only Poser knows why. you have to click on them manually and delete them.

3)the lights that gives the eyes their glow color can be changed like any other lights, of course. Just make sure that You don’t move them while selecting them, as this most likely would rotate then from their position

Problems and Fixes:

About the expressions… Poser doesn’t save information about the upper and lower jaw when expressions are saved in the ‘expressions’ folder. I don’t want Wertham to go through life with clenched teeth so I saved the expressions as poses. It works pretty well, the only drawback is that rotations, bends and twists gets reset to zero. If You have a pose for the body You might have to re-apply it or apply it after You’ve loaded the expressions.Sorry about this, I’m trying to work around the program.
The expressions are for the Wertham character only. If You try them on Victoria 4 it will morph her face to look like Werthams.

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