Peacemaker for M4

Conforming Outfit for Michael 4
In a World full of conflict and politics sometimes the need for peace arises. Sometime this peace can only be reached by means that require not only skill and training but also the right gear. This Peacemaker Tactical Operations Outfit will transform Mike 4 into a lethal tactical soldier. A 9mm on his right, a field knife to his left. Enough ammo to survive through a serious fir fight.
This new outfit comes in a set of 7 conforming parts and 10 Smart Props. All outfit parts is fitted with morphs compatible with Morphs++, Elite and Freak 4. Each has been textured carefully to match the style of the outfit. Each part features completely flat mapping with no stretching, providing a great base for you to explore your own texturing ideas. Texture templates are included.

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