People of Earth: Faces of Asia

Just over half the people of Earth live on the continent of Asia. Of course no set of morphs can represent the incredible variety of people and faces that those billions represent – as every kind of features in the world are found here ? but there are looks and faces that are hard to make with existing morph sets. This set aims to fill in those gaps in your Genesis 2 Female(s) library.
This set of 37 morphs, 25 facial presets, and two pose control helpers, lets you choose from faces representing existing nationalities or make your own from scratch with these dials. The set includes:
5 Chinese faces
5 Indian faces
5 Japanese faces
5 Korean faces
5 Thai faces
The morphs include:
10 eye morphs
2 eye close morph helpers
11 nose morphs
10 face shape morphs
6 lip morphs

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