Perilous Places for TerraDome3

Perilous Places for TerraDome3

Perilous Places is a set of twenty morphs, presented as ten paired morphs, sculpting the whole of Terradome3 to bring you massive complete morphs. As the name implies, these are the dangerous vistas of Terradome, where only a brave character dares to tread.

Each morph is comprised of an AZone component and a BZone component, which correspond with each other. For ease of use, all morphs are controlled from the AZone, meaning you only have to dial the morphs on the Azone, and the Bzone component will follow automatically.

From the Rim Of Hell, to precarious mountainside ledges, this set has plenty of exciting terrain-forms to delight and terrify your characters!

To enhance and compliment these terrains, try TerraShades 2: Fire and Ice, as well as PRO HDR Skies Volume2, which are both designed to work with this pack to get the harshest environments possible.

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Perilous Places for TerraDome3


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