Polaris Corridor

Introducing the Polaris Corridor: Your Portal to the Stars

The Polaris Corridor is a state-of-the-art sci-fi passage that transports you instantly across galaxies.

With its advanced tech, you'll explore new worlds, bypass cosmic hazards, and connect with fellow travelers.

Step into tomorrow with the Polaris Corridor – where the universe is at your doorstep.

Polaris Corridor: (.DUF)
PTSCP Polaris Corridor
PTSCP Block01
Cover1 on/off
Cover2 on/off
PTSCP Block02
Cover on/off
PTSCP Block03
Cover on/off
PTSCP Block04
Cover on/off
PTSCP Block05
PTSCP Block06
PTSCP Block07
PTSCP Block08
PTSCP Block09
PTSCP Block10
PTSCP Block10a
PTSCP Block11
PTSCP Block12
PTSCP Block13
PTSCP Ceiling01
PTSCP Ceiling01a
PTSCP Ceiling02
PTSCP Ceiling03
PTSCP Ceiling04
PTSCP Ceiling05
PTSCP Ceiling06
PTSCP Door01
PTSCP Door01a
PTSCP Door02
PTSCP FlooPn01
PTSCP FlooPn02
PTSCP FlooPn03
PTSCP FlooPn04
PTSCP FlooPn05
PTSCP FlooPn06
PTSCP FlooPn07
PTSCP Floor01
PTSCP Floor02
PTSCP Floor03
PTSCP Floor04
PTSCP Floor05
PTSCP Floor06
PTSCP Floor07
PTSCP Frame01
PTSCP Lamp01
PTSCP Lamp02
PTSCP Lock01
PTSCP Panel01
PTSCP Panel02
PTSCP Panel03
PTSCP Panel04
PTSCP Panel05
PTSCP Panel06
PTSCP Panel07
PTSCP Panel08
PTSCP Panel09
PTSCP Panel10
PTSCP Panel11
PTSCP Pillar01
Cover1 on/off
Cover2 on/off
Cover3 on/off
PTSCP Pillar02
Cover on/off
PTSCP Pillar03
Cover on/off
PTSCP Pillar03a
PTSCP Pillar04
PTSCP Pillar05
PTSCP Pillar06
PTSCP Pipes01
PTSCP Pipes02
PTSCP Pipes03
PTSCP Pipes04
PTSCP Pipes05
PTSCP Pipes06
PTSCP Pipes07
PTSCP Stair01
PTSCP Stair02
PTSCP Support01
PTSCP Block04Pipes
PTSCP Pillar01Pipes
PTSCP Pillar02Pipes
Preset Cameras:
Cameras Set
Textures Include:
174 Textures for Normal Maps (1024 x 1024 to 2048 x 2048)
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

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