Prairie Grass and Flower Plant Collection

This great big bundle of almost fifty Prairie Grasses and Flowering plants is the perfect thing to fill up your foregrounds and mid-scene spaces with a lovely mixture of Prairie flora, perfect for your digital live stock, cowhands, and western towns to sit among.

Grasses represented are two flowering species ( Indian Grass and Blue Grass) and a set of non-flowering grasses for filling up those spaces ( change the scale to make tall or short grass with this one!). To make the bundle even more interesting there are three prairie wildflower species included ( Prairie Cone Flower, Prairie Clover, and Butterfly Milkweed) to dot among the grass, creating the perfect place for a little house to nestle.

As always a little goes a long way, and one plant and its instances can, with variations in scale and their Y rotational axis, look like many. These are reasonably high-resolution plants that will work in instancing but be sparing and keep them to the foreground where they can be appreciated without clogging up your ram!

This set has been designed to fit in well with the Ultrascenery desert biomes – for use closer to the camera, and can also use it in conjunction with my Desert Cacti and Joshua Trees too!

So give your digital wild horses some lush vegetation to run through, plant a grassy flower bed in a modern digital planting scheme, or use them as a way to soften your wild western scenes!

Prairie Grass and Flower Plant Collecion: (.DUF)
Zero Props:
MJFPP Blue Grass 01a
MJFPP Blue Grass 01b
MJFPP Blue Grass 02a
MJFPP Blue Grass 02b
MJFPP Blue Grass 03a
MJFPP Blue Grass 03b
MJFPP Blue Grass 04a
MJFPP Blue Grass 04b
MJFPP Blue Grass 05a
MJFPP Blue Grass 05b
MJFPP Blue Grass 06a
MJFPP Blue Grass 06b
MJFPP Buttefly Milkweed 01
MJFPP Buttefly Milkweed 02
MJFPP Buttefly Milkweed 03
MJFPP Buttefly Milkweed 04
MJFPP Buttefly Milkweed 05
MJFPP Indian Grass 01a
MJFPP Indian Grass 01b
MJFPP Indian Grass 02a
MJFPP Indian Grass 02b
MJFPP Indian Grass 03a
MJFPP Indian Grass 03b
MJFPP Indian Grass 04a
MJFPP Indian Grass 04b
MJFPP Indian Grass 05a
MJFPP Indian Grass 05b
MJFPP Indian Grass 06a
MJFPP Indian Grass 06b
MJFPP Prairie Clover 01
MJFPP Prairie Clover 02
MJFPP Prairie Clover 03
MJFPP Prairie Clover 04
MJFPP Prairie Clover 05
MJFPP Prairie Coneflower 01
MJFPP Prairie Coneflower 02
MJFPP Prairie Coneflower 03
MJFPP Prairie Coneflower 04
MJFPP Prairie Coneflower 05
MJFPP Prairie Coneflower 06
MJFPP Prairie Grass Clump 01
MJFPP Prairie Grass Clump 01a
MJFPP Prairie Grass Clump 02
MJFPP Prairie Grass Clump 02a
MJFPP Prairie Grass Clump 03
MJFPP Prairie Grass Clump 03a
MJFPP Prairie Grass Clump 04
MJFPP Prairie Grass Clump 04a
MJFPP Blue Grass Dry Mat
MJFPP Blue Grass Green Mat
MJFPP Butterfly Milkweed Fire Mat
MJFPP Indian Grass Dry Mat
MJFPP Indian Grass Mat
MJFPP Prairie Clover Mat
MJFPP Prairie Coneflower Mat
Textures Include:
44 Texture, Bump, Displacement, Height, Glossiness, Normal, Roughness, Specular, and Transparency Maps (257 x 934 to 1527 x 2309)
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

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