Predatron Droid Commander

This is a standalone original figure that will complement the Predatron Droid, as both share textures and accessories. In this set there is a highly detailed head that includes two textures and 44 morphs. There are four weapons that include a conforming Energy Pulser Arm with eight smart prop energy bolts, a vicious looking set of smart propped claws which include one movement morph, a hand blaster, and finally a rocket launcher with 10 smart propped rockets.

To keep in touch with the troops there comes a smart prop communication set with the aerial complete with movement morphs. Apart from the hand blaster each weapon and communication set comes in five different colors: green, black, orange, blue, and red. This set has six new mapped texture sets, as well as six bright and shiny shader material options. Another 10 shoulder designs will give your droid armies identification on the battlefield.

This is an original standalone figure, however the textures and accessories are easily interchangeable with the associated Predatron Droid.

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