Predatron's Angor Bundle

Angor Introducing a detailed figure with the head and legs of a goat and body of a man. This comes in two versions, one medium resolution and the other high resolution. There a number of morphs for expressions and speech, as well as several for manipulating the body. To give the legs a bit more realism there is a conforming leg set of polygonal hair, this will help to break up the leg outline and give a better look to real fur.

There are four texture options of Brown, Grey Brown, Black and Chestnut, each version has high and medium resolution versions (4096×4096, 2048×2048), also available are another four separate hairy face textures. Six eye texture are available, Blue, Green, Tan Grey, Red, Yellow and Yellow Green. There are several utility options for hiding body parts, for this character will be able to wear some Michael 4 clothing with a little tweaking. Also included are two magnet prop files for use with M4 clothing, one in particular is for use with the Slicer outfit for M4. In both Angor CR2’s there is also dummy morph dial to set the BodyBuilder morph in any M4 clothing, the body of Angor does roughly follow the lines of the BodyBuilder morph in M4. If you are wanting to create your own custom morphs there are ten free injection channels for you to do this.

Included is a conforming Hood with four texture options of Brown, Black, Green and Red. There are several Horn smart props which can be used in a variety configurations to give different looks. Lastly there are five poses.

Cleric Robes for Angor Introducing a set of robes and props for Predatron’s Angor. These detailed converted items were originally made for use with Predatron’s Goblin and as a result all textures can quite easily but used between the two versions. There are 4 new textures, each available in clean and dirty versions. To help get more versatility the robes have several material zones and their are MAT settings for each. This means you can mix and match different hood, sleeve and main robe textures giving you lots of variety. As a default the hood is left transparent, but you can apply a MAT setting to show it, either hide the horns or use them poking through the cloth. There has been great lengths taken to offer many morphs to help get some detailed realism in the hip/leg area when posing and moving the base figure. Several morphs correspond to some of the included 23 poses. And to further add to precise posing their a several body handles included.

The detailed belt comes with a number of accouterments such as pouches, bags and barrel, all of which can be adjusted. The necklace too can be adjusted, as the Skull and Teeth all have Trans/Rotate dials. The Skull can be swapped over for a central tooth, giving another look. Lastly is a highly detailed Staff with Skull and Animal skin features.

This Bundle Pack Contains the Following Products

  • Predatron’s Angor
  • Cleric Robes for Angor


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