Pretty Model Poses for G3F and G8F

This is a Pretty Model pose pack containing 20 poses and their mirrors for both Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 Females.

These pose presets have been carefully cleaned to remove any unneccesary character movement and translation values. Your character will stay
where you put her in the scene, and will not jump to world center when you apply the pose. Our poses will also not modify any existing expressions.

There are no awkward or contorted body positions in this pose pack. You get 20 nice and natural, pretty model poses for your characters.

For your convenience, we have utilized the “tooltip popup” feature incorporated into Daz Studio. This way, you can see a larger thumbnail view
of the poses as you hover over them in the content library.

We hope you enjoy this new pose pack, and we welcome your feedback. Thank you!

This pose pack contains the following:

20 poses for Genesis 3 Females
20 mirrored poses for Genesis 3 Females
20 poses for Genesis 8 Females
20 mirrored poses for Genesis 8 Females

80 pose files total


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