Punkish Alien Sniper Rifle

Boom! Headshot. Made possible by the Punkish Alien Sniper Rifle.

The rifle features six texture sets to customize the appearance from the elitist Highborn to the violent Resistance.

Each set includes a "battle-scarred" variation for a total of twelve unique looks.

If you are interested in a few more textures, check out the Extra Textures for Punkish Alien Sniper Rifle.

May your aliens wage war, from a safe distance, with the Punkish Alien Sniper Rifle!

Punkish Alien Sniper (.DUF)
Punkish Alien Sniper Left/Right Hand Wearable Presets
Punkish Alien Sniper Left/Right Hand Hierarchical Poses
Highborn (Gold with Engraved Ivory)
Highborn Battle-Scarred
Commander (Black Camouflage)
Commander Battle-Scarred
Soldier (Green Camouflage)
Soldier Battle-Scarred
Desert (Tan Camouflage)
Desert Battle-Scarred
Red Squad (Red Camouflage)
Red Squad Battle-Scarred
Resistance (Built from stolen and Scavenged Parts)
Resistance Battle-Scarred
Textures Include:
132 Texture, Normal, Metallic, Roughness, Emissive and Opacity Maps (4096 x 4096)
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

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