PW Cliff House

PW Cliff House.

Amazing design and location to make your dreams come true!

Cliff House is a complete 3d environment with an interior ready for your story to tell!

Included is a huge environment with the sea to give the cliff house the ocean and cliff view it desires! You can park your car in the garage.

Customizable light features and many props!

Easy Load-in setup tools included.

Easy load in what you need for your scene! with the preload-only sets.

Emitter shaders are included for easy setting up your lights!

Check out the Feature list for all the intel.

Become an owner today and experience the high life!

PW Cliff House: (.DUF)
Scene Subsets:
PW CH Cliff House And Environment Full
PW CH Building Full Lights Set Off
PW CH Building Full
PW CH Building Only
PW CH Environment Only
PW CH LA Hall Only
PW CH LA Kitchen Room Only
PW CH LA Main Deck Only
PW CH LB BedroomA Only
PW CH LB BedroomB Only
PW CH LB BedroomC Only
PW CH LB BedroomD Only
Zero Props:
PW CH Apple
PW CH Barseat
PW CH Basket
PW CH BedlampCh
PW CH BigPlantB CH
PW CH BigSeat
PW CH Blower
PW CH Candle Stolp CH
PW CH ChairX
PW CH DiningTable
PW CH DryRailSMTowelCH
PW CH DryRailTowelCH
PW CH ElectricB
PW CH FlowerBigV
PW CH FlowerBigVB
PW CH FlusherToilet
PW CH Fridge
PW CH kitchenBar
PW CH kitchenLong
PW CH KitchenSmallCH
PW CH LampBell
PW CH LampSticksCeiling
PW CH LampSticksCeilingLarge
PW CH LampSticksCeilingSet
PW CH Lotion
PW CH LotionB
PW CH LotionholderCH
PW CH MirrorRoundCH
PW CH Parasol
PW CH Pillow
PW CH PillowB
PW CH PosterCH
PW CH ShowerHead
PW CH SmallTable
PW CH SofaKitchen
PW CH SpotLight KB
PW CH SpotLightLamp
PW CH SpotLightLampBig
PW CH StoneTarpRound
PW CH SunBedCliffH
PW CH Switch
PW CH TableLivC
PW CH TableRoundCH Set
PW CH TableRoundCH
PW CH Toilet
PW CH ToiletPaperHolderCH
PW CH ToiletRollCH
PW CH WaterTapShower
PW CH WickerPlate
PW CH WickerPlateFruits
PW CH WindowKitchen
PW CH WindowKitchenB
PW CH WoodCHChair
PW CH WoodSink
PW CH WoodSinkDuo
PW CH WoodTVDesk
PW CH Pillow Flower
PW CH Pillow Tribe
PW CH Pillow Yellow
PW CH Emitter 120 Watts Shader
PW CH Emitter 220 Watts Shader
PW CH Emitter 30 Watts Shader
PW CH Emitter 60 Watts Shader
PW CH Emitter Color Aqua Blue Shader
PW CH Emitter Color Blue Shader
PW CH Emitter Color Green Shader
PW CH Emitter Color Pink Shader
PW CH Emitter Color Red Shader
PW CH Emitter Color White Shader
PW CH Emitter Color Yellow Shader
PW CH Emitter Off Shader
Textures Include:
277 Texture, Bump, Normal, Roughness, and Transparency Maps (107 x 429 to 6682 x 3695)
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

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