Ready to Render

Ready to Render

Ready to Render

I frequently get messages and requests for the render settings used in my most recent promos and images. Now I have put them all together for your use!

There are NO lights in these sets. I have included my presets of the scenes & settings that I use most frequently for my own images. You may use these or create your own styles using the included options.

Portions of this were created based on feedback while I was working on it, so to that end I have included the usual options like dome rotations, dome controls and some tone-mapping presets.

Also included is a set of 10 cameras. These cameras are based on my own promo angles and should be considered a starting point. Since these are what I use most frequently they are head and upper torso cameras with depth of field. If you adjust their position you will most likely need to adjust the depth of field – or turn it off.

Because I personally dislike when I see the outline of cameras while working there are options to turn the cameras off or on in the scene. Simply select one or all of the cameras and apply.

Accent Your Runtime…

☆ Package Includes ☆

》14 HDRI options
》12 Preset Render Settings
》Camera Load (will load 10 camera options)
》Camera Visibility options
》24 Dome Utility settings
》30 Tonemapping options
》06 Tonemapping presets
》Tonemap Reset

☆ Render Information ☆

All renders were done with just this package – no extra lighting, no postwork outside of composition has been applied to any of these images!

Ready to Render

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