RedSpec TGX Hair Octane Shaders for Bentley Hair by AprilYSH


Many artists sometimes find themselves limited by partially biased rendering engines. They often take away a lot of the realism one would expect from working with DAZ3D-created hair props and figures.

These extraordinary hair shaders, developed specifically for Bentley Hair by AprilYSH, were carefully created in close collaboration with the original hair artist to bring Bentley Hair to life in OctaneRender for DAZ Studio and Poser.

Whilst using the full potential of an unbiased rendering engine like OctaneRender, this hair shader leaves nothing to be desired – light-based sub surface scattering, physically correct specular and roughness effects and all of that rendered in the blink of an eye with Otoy’s lightning fast GPU-based OctaneRender.

Please make sure to have purchased Bentley Hair from AprilYSH before purchasing this shader set.

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Bentley Hair


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