Regency Christmas

Regency Christmas
This cozy winter coat ensemble with lace dress bottom was created to match a detailed lace Christmas dress texture.
Take your favorite gal out for a crisp winter walk , then bring her inside, take her coat off and let her warm up. To take full advantage of this texture set you will require the Sensibility dress for V4, along with the Sensibility Coat set for v4. The Regency Coat texture has a matching lace dress bottom to co-ordinate with the Sensibility Regency style Christmas Dress. “Get Real!” texture packs include high resolution diffusion maps, bump, and displacement maps all created with attention to fine details. Optimized for D/S, P6 and P7, P5 Mat file also included. P6 materials apply from within the P6 and P7 material room.P5 Mat file is located in your “Pose” library.

Sensibility Expansion 2
Sensibility for Victoria 4
Regency Christmas