Reynard for Genesis 8 Male

Explore a foxy new male character — Reynard for Genesis 8 Male!

There are tales of Reynard the Fox going back to the 12th century, stories of deception and cunning which inform modern fiction.

And, sleek and sly as the fox in those tales, Reynard is a master of deception and intrigue, but also makes a great casual, though admittedly hairy, guy.

Enjoy the interesting, sleek and sly parts of life with Reynard for Genesis 8 Male!

Notes: Reynard Fur, Reynard Tail Fur, and Reynard Whiskers rely on dForce Hair.

The shape is divided into Reynard Head, Body, Pupil Slit, Large Iris. The Reynard dial will apply both head and body. There is also a Fur Fit that will push clothes away to help fit clothing over fur. The Fur Length Trim preset, when applied to the Reynard Fur, will create a shorter coat of fur to help fit under worn items.

The Reynard Skin Head Only preset creates an overlay of fox skin over only the head; apply another skin first and the rest will appear human.

Note that the tail is a poseable prop; you can remove the tail, or add additional tails.

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