Robo Geisha for Hitomi

Robo Geisha. When you look at her you know she was built to serve you with grace and beauty. This little geisha is lifelike with only glowing seams, circuitry and a carbon-fiber-like sheen that reminds you she really was built for you.

A blend of traditional training and new technology, she merges two eras. Her satin Robokini marries seamlessly with her “robo” features and has a disc that plugs into her back.

Fancy ear pieces adorn her ears with antennae that draw inspiration from traditional geisha hairpins, and move to adjust for different hairstyles. Pretty Geta sandals round out her look.

If you choose to make her fully human, just apply the included human presets. There are also presets that apply just the robo effects to turn other Hitomi uv girls into robo girls.Robo Geisha comes with Geisha makeup mats that can be worn by android or human alike. Robo Geisha can also wear Hitomi’s Ring and Day Out hairstyles for which diffuse color presets have been included. You will also find textures for the ring clasps on the Ring hair and the headband from the Day Out hair to match her robokini textures.

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