Ruavia Hair for V4, Dawn

PropsChick and Sveva present Ruavia Hair for V4 and Dawn. Another hair in my ‘R’ series of elfy and fairy hairs, Ruavia Hair comes with several props. You can plant a vine in V4 or Dawn’s hair, add a lantern for a little illumination, or add a lantern to her hand. Most of the morphs are located in the bangs, but there are matching morphs for the vines and lantern to fit, along with A4/G4 fits in the V4 versions. You can also make the curl on top bigger to add a bigger lantern. Included are 4 seasons textures for the vines and lanterns.

Included in this package:
Hair HR2 and OBJ (V4)
Hair HR2 and OBJ (Dawn)
Vines PP2 and OBJ (V4)
Vines PP2 and OBJ (Dawn)
Lantern PP2 and OBJ (V4 Hair)
Lantern PP2 and OBJ (V4 Hand)
Lantern PP2 and OBJ (Dawn Hair)
Lantern PP2 and OBJ (Dawn Hand)
4 Mats for the Vines
4 Mats for the Lantern
8 Mats for the Hair
DS Mats

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