SAV Sonia

SAV Sonia

Sonia is a fantasy character for Victoria 4.2.
Consists of High Quality Realistic Textures,DSP maps and morphs.

Hair and Bald texture for all options:
1 full mat, (Pz2-DS)
6 Make up addon mats (Pz2-DS)
1 Younger Custom Head Morph (INJ-Rem)
1 Older Custom Head Morph (INJ-Rem)
1 Body Morph (INJ-Rem) – V4.2 morphs++ needed for this to work.
1 Custom Sculpted addon Beautiful Legs Morph – for use with the main Body morph or V4.2 base.
5 eye colors (Pz2-DS)
1 Mascara Lashes mat (Pz2-DS)
1 Natural Lashes mat (Pz2-DS)
1 Tear off (Pz2-DS)
1 Tear on (Pz2-DS)
2 Light presets for Poser.

Poser 9 & Poser Pro 2012 SSS rendering Material presets for the Hair and Bald texture :
1 full mat, (mc6)
6 Make up addon mats (mc6)

SAV Sonia


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