Sci Fi Moves Volume One

These eight poses feature classic science fiction actions, such as reacting to their ships being hit and shooting with blasters. Mirrored poses are also included. Each pose is fully optimized for M4 and V4 so that you can just apply the PZ2 file with a couple of clicks and start animating.

Animated Poses for M4 and V4:(.PZ2)
Blaster Boom 1
Blaster Boom 2
Blaster Crouch 1
Blaster Crouch 2
Blaster Heating 1
Blaster Heating 2
Blaster Standing 1
Blaster Standing 2
Bridge Hit Standing A 1
Bridge Hit Standing A 2
Bridge Hit Standing B 1
Bridge Hit Standing B 2
Bridge Hit Standing C 1
Bridge Hit Standing C 2
Use Wrist Computer 1
Use Wrist Computer 2
BVH files of motions included

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