Sci Fi Tools and Equipment


Need a multispanner to tighten the mounting bolts on your gravitic coils? Or an exohammer to secure those loose deck plates? Or maybe a laser cutter to remove your fusion reactor’s rusty support struts and a plasma welder to install new ones (or light your cigar)? How about a quantum scanner that can pinpoint the exact spot you need to smack with your titanium crowbar to get your ion drive running again?

Sci-Fi Tools & Equipment contains all the repair gear any space jockey could possibly need. Ten future-tech hand tools with left and right hand parented versions for M4 and V4. Along with some other useful equipment such as a diagnostic computer, fusion generator, gyrotorque blower, spatial processor and thermal monitor. Plus a tool cart and work bench in stand-alone and ‘loaded’ versions. Perfect for rounding out futuristic scenes.

You’ll be glad you have this stuff the next time your inertial nullifiers conk out halfway between here and Tau Ceti. (I hate it when that happens!)


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