Sensu Kogo

This product is no longer available

Required Products:
Victoria 4.2 Base
Aiko 4 Base
the Girl 4 Base
Stephanie 4 Elite
V4 Elite Body Shapes

Notes from the artist:
You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries:
Figures: “Sensu Kogo”
Hand: “Sensu Kogo”
Pose: “Sensu Kogo”
Props: “Sensu Kogo”
Product Notes

1. Load Victoria 4.2. Load your clothing figures (Suit, Top etc.) Set your pose. Adjust your lighting. And Render!
2. The clothing set in this package comes with additional FBM and PBM morphs and miscellaneous popular morphs.
3. Hair, Props and backgrounds in promos are not included.
4. Synchronized Posing Sets included. There are 3 set of (11) Synchronized Pose Sets included. Figure Pose 1 pertains to Arm Pose 1 etc etc. These are helper Poses to assist you in your scene setup. Also included are multiple Clothing Adjustment Mat Poses to help adjust your animated scenes and Renders.
5. JCM’s Poser only, JCM figures are (Shorts) often the JCM won’t get “activated” if they’re loaded and conformed one after it’s pair (Shorts etc.) if you get any strange behavior just delete the figure and Load again. Loading individually can avoid these errors.
6. The Textures included Clothing are for P4 and above users.

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