ShadowBot is an original figure by S-Squared. She has over one hundred thirty morphs and thousands of possibilities.
ShadowBot comes with metal and skin textures. The skin textures come with both sub surface scattering and non sub surface
scattering. She has 6 makeup textures and glowing circuitry options for each. A no genital or nipple texture is included.
The Metal texture has advanced reflection for later versions of poser and poser 7 compatible ray trace settings.
A faux reflexion mat pose is included that does not require ray-trace for fast renders.
She comes with over 30 pose dials to make working with her a snap.

3 headgear props

3 base textures
-Metal (Poser 2010, Poser 7, and no ray trace options included)
-Skin (Sub Surface Scattering and Non-SSS)
-Skin No-Gen (Sub Surface Scattering and Non-SSS)
-6 Makeup textures
-7 Eye textures
-4 trim colors

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