Silmefea for Genesis 2 Female(s)


Silmefea, is a lovely ensemble for a Genesis 2 that enjoys a comfy, but still pretty style. Fantasy in principle, it can easily change style with the included textures.

3 detailed and diverse styles, offer a lot of versatility to the set used all together or mixed with any other wardrobe items you like.

Both shirt and trouser, as well as shinwears, are quite stylish on their own, and will add a unique flavor to any character.

One of the main features is the inclusion of a large amount movement morphs, that allow for any pose, for any movement, there’s a smooth, realistic movement you can use to add realism and dynamism to your character and image.

Dynamic clothes without being dynamic, all movements were done with gravity-simulating tools to offer life-likeness to the clothes.

Also included are several “helper” morphs, that will help with any movement/fitting trouble or need you may incur into! They are “true and tested” the best morphs to help you around in any circumstance!


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