Simplicity Chains and Piercings for G8+G8.1 MALES

Simplicity Chains and Piercings for G8+G8.1 MALES

Simplicity Chains and Piercings for G8+G8.1 MALES

for Genesis 8 and 8.1 MALES
Partially suitable for Genesis 3 MALE too (read below)


05 Distortion Free Figures:

R&L Ears Four Chains
R&L Cuff with Chain
Conforming Nasallang Chain

18 Attachable Charms
29 Zero pieces

03 Septum
05 Lips
R&L 03 Nostril
R&L 03 EyeBrows
R&L 02 Eyelids
R&L Nose Bridge
R&L 08 Extra Ears
R&L 07 Helix
R&L 03 Tragus

44 Shaping Style Presets

IRAY Only Materials and Shaders:

11 Metallic Colors
08 Metallic Stud Styles
04 Crystal Colors
04 Natural Stones
12 Enamel options
Custom Textured Charms Materials

This set includes EARS MORPHS for both Genesis 8 and Genesis 8.1 Males that make the ear´s flesh less thicker.
Morphs load with the figures and can be removed or set to zero if needed via the included presets.


* Ears Four Chains Figures may require manual adjust when the character has customized ear shape.

* Easy use and operation morphs are sorted.

* Figures are fully articulated and all parts move.

* The figure will load parented to a Rigid Node.

* In major cases not much fitting would be needed but if it looks off or misplaced regarding the character´s ear shape then go to PARAMETERSTAB/ALL MORPHS Group.
There´s the whole solution for each situation!

* Any possible (logical) posing was calculated and can be fitted with the included morphs.

* Extremely morphed or too big ear shapes would require more fitting or could be out of reach.

* Elf and Creature ears are very easy to fit unless they are exaggerated as said above.

* Each Stud can be resized or moved freely. Again, there is a morph for each one and it includes the movement of the linked chains at the joints.

* If your character has the Default G8 ears shape then you don´t need to do any fitting at all, just use the included morphs for posing, adding gravity, style, etc.

* Figure will load with a charm on the tip, by default. Delete it if you want to attach another one.

* Nasallang Figure is completely conforming and distortion free also. It will follow all face and head shapes, being these custom dialed, morphed or achieved using rigging.
Some extreme expressions could require some manual adjust using the included parameters and morphs.

* ALL THE CHARMS HAVE MORPHS FOR SHAPING. Make sure to check these and the sorted Shaping Style Presets too!

Simplicity Chains and Piercings for G8+G8.1 MALES