Simplicity Face Chains and Earrings for Genesis 8 & 9

FK Design
SIMPLICITY Face Chains and Earrings jewelry set for Genesis 8 Female, Genesis 8.1 Female and Genesis 9

FK´s signature Distortion Free Conforming and Stand Alone Figures

08 Wearable Face Chains Figure plus Charms
This unique jewelry piece has custom rigging but is fully conforming and poseable.
Distortion FREE, with extra articulation.
Supports all face morphs and pose controls.
Comes with many fitting and shaping options.

08 Pairs of matching Companion Earrings
These elements are also articulated Figures
with several poseable parts if needed.

10 Metallic Hierarchical Materials
10 Full Metallic Standard Materials
10 Metallic Single Shaders
15 Plate Design Hierarchical Materials
15 Plate Designs Standar Materials
09 Crystal Bead Colors
09 Pearl Colors
17 Enamel Colors
10 Natural Stone Colors
12 Chain Beads Gradient Colors
09 Bead Bump Options

Total of 120 Material files

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