SinaStripes for V4.2

SinaStripes for V4.2 includes:

?1 Natural head texture
+ bump, specular maps
?1 Body Texture (Torso/Limbs)
+ bump, specular and maps
?8 additional make-up heads
?5 Eye colors + 1 Bump Map
?3 Second skin (Torso) + bump, specular and displacement maps
?5 Nail colors
?1 Teeth/Gum map + Bump Map
?1 Lashtrans

?1 Head INJ and REM for V4
?1 Body INJ and REM for V4

All needed Matfiles, AO MATs, Poser 2012 SSS MATS and DS Matfiles. The Matfiles for the Second Skin options have a Remove function also.

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