Sirens: Dash Bikini G8F

Sirens: Dash Bikini G8F

New styles for Dash Bikini for G8F by Lilflame

This set has 16 varied styles, 4 are customizable.

This set includes Hierarchial MATs that will apply the full styles in 1 click, or you can use the individual MATs if you prefer.

》16 Hierarchical Mats for the Bra & Bottom (be sure to have Genesis 8 selected)
》16 Mats for the Bra
》16 Mats for the Bottom

》Utility Transmap option to apply & remove the transmaps to corresponding styles

Bonus for Ease of Customization

》 48 "Quick Click Colour" options
》 16 "Quick Click Colour" Metallic options

Optimized for Iray

All renders were done with HDRI, no postwork outside of composition has been applied to any of these images!

☆ About the Sirens Collection ☆

The Sirens Collection is beachwear for the strong, alluring and confident female.

Every set is designed with the same attention to fabrics & options that you've come to expect from 3-D Arena. We've taken our 19+ years of content creation experience to create this line designed to accent your runtime.

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Dash Bikini for Genesis 8 Females

Sirens: Dash Bikini G8F

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