Skin Effects: Adventures vol.2 for Genesis 8, 8.1 and 9 Females

Skin Effects: Adventures interprets specific scenarios with Dirt, cuts, and bruises that were carefully studied and placed to make sense for that kind of environment.

– Survivor, is someone that needs to make do in a hostile environment, be it a deserted island or an isolated refuge.

– Hunted, is someone who's been running, trying not to get caught. They hid wherever they could, no matter how difficult.

The Full option includes both dirt and injuries, but there are also options for the dirt and injuries alone.

Included are the full body option as well as partial options: head, arms, legs, top, and bottom only. The partial options are great to create a different/unique story or to be mixed and matched with other effects, either from this or other packages.

This product is geoshell-based and will work on top of any G8, G8.1 and G9 character and/or skin. It was optimized for the female versions of the characters as it includes custom intimates UV, which are also affected by the dirt.

Skin Effects Adventure G8, G8.1, G9 (.DUF)
Full Adventure Shell
Head Adventure Shell
Top Adventure Shell
Bottom Adventure Shell
Hunted Cuts:
All Dirt – Hunted Cuts
Arms – Hunted Cuts
Body Top – Hunted Cuts
Body Bottom – Hunted Cuts
Legs – Hunted Cuts
Hunted Dirt:
All Dirt – Hunted Dirt
Arms – Hunted Dirt
Body Top – Hunted Dirt
Body Bottom – Hunted Dirt
Legs – Hunted Dirt
Hunted Full:
All Dirt – Hunted Full
Arms – Hunted Full
Body Top – Hunted Full
Body Bottom – Hunted Full
Legs – Hunted Full
Survivor Cuts:
All Dirt – Survivor Cuts
Arms – Survivor Cuts
Body Top – Survivor Cuts
Body Bottom – Survivor Cuts
Legs – Survivor Cuts
Survivor Dirt:
All Dirt – Survivor Dirt
Arms – Survivor Dirt
Body Top – Survivor Dirt
Body Bottom – Survivor Dirt
Legs – Survivor Dirt
Survivor Full
All Dirt – Survivor Full
Arms – Survivor Full
Body Top – Survivor Full
Body Bottom – Survivor Full
Legs – Survivor Full
Textures Include:
419 Texture, Glossy, Height, Metalness, Normal, Roughness and Transparency Maps (4096 x 4096)
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

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