A plume of smoke rises over the horizon as something moves across the desert wastelands of a destroyed future. Built of salvaged scarp steel, military 7.62mm machineguns, and with a powerful steam engine, the SLAV, or Steam Light Armoured Vehicle, blazes a trail of fury across your post-apocalyptic stories. Take to the roads of the future in this stand alone vehicle figure for Poser and DAZ Studio. All elements are fully posable, including the steering wheel and front tire, back wheels, gauges and stick shift. The machinegun turret can be rotated, and even has adjustable muzzle flashes built into each gun barrel. Textures and templates for all items are included. The SLAV is perfect for futuristic stories of road rage and desert ruin, and the gritty warrior of the future would give anything to ride into battle in this armored rolling tank of destruction.

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