Soft Sheets – The Bundle

Add romance and mysterie to your scene, enjoy the elegance of softly flowing silk!

Now you can cloak your girls in drapes or let their fingers run through silken sheets.
With the Soft Sheets Bundle you get the classic tools none of the Old Masters could do without!

There are few accessories that are as effective as a windblown curtain or a silken drape.

We all know them from mysterie movies and romantic scenes, where the actress hides behind them or where they give the perfect background for a beauty in a ballgown.

And even the most beautiful nude looks more alluring when her bareness is covered with a sheet of precious cloth that follows her pose and movement.

Look what you get:
Two Sheets for the hands (right and left) with two variations: Draped and straight.
A wide Sheet to be held in front of the body with two variations: Draped and straight.
A wide Sheet to be held behind the body with two variations: Draped and straight.
Two Sheets for the shoulders that covers one half of the body – one for the right side, one for the left. Each comes in two variations: Constrained to stick on the shoulder and not constrained to move free with the pose.
A curtain that loads on the right side of your scene.
A curtain that loads on the left side of your scene.
A double curtain that, although split into two parts, needs just one simulations in the cloth room.
A curtain made of four Sheets that needs only one simulation as well.
Four matching poles that hold the curtain in place and make it easy to rotate and move it to fit your scene.
Two sets of decorative objects for each pole to cover the ends.
20 predefined windforces (easy to tweak and alter) to make your Sheets flow.
5 beautiful textures for each dynamic item with patterns exclusivly created for the Soft Sheets by Zai.
4 procedural materials creating a slightly glimmering silk surface.
4 procedural materials for the poles and deco-objects (2 x metal, 2 x wood).
Two very detailed tutorials containing:
-a guide on how to set up your scene
-tips on how to work with windforces
-how to tweak the Soft Sheets to fit your scene
-some alternate parameters for the Soft Sheets
-and many other tips and tricks illustrated with several renders and animations where you can see the Soft Sheets in action.

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