Strapless Mini Dress

“Strapless Mini Dress” – Hi quality, hi polygonal, well designed dress and boots conforming figures (.cr2) + two bracelet smart props for V4.2 base.

Included in this Package:

  • 01 Dress conforming figure in .cr2 format with .obj file
  • 01 Boots conforming figure in .cr2 format with .obj file
  • 02 Bracelet smart props for V4 left and right hands with obj file
  • 35 Mat poses for Dress
  • 02 Hide\Show ornament options for Dress
  • 02 V4 foot poses add\rem for Boots
  • 20 Mat poses for Boots
  • 06 Mat poses for Bracelets
  • 4000×4000 pix textures
  • 4000×4000 pix templates

Lots of styling, adjusting, fbm and pbm morphs in Dress and Boots

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