SV Blending Tutorial

(The brushes will work in PS7 if you use the free program ABRMate to convert them)

All the steps I take to blend in my characters are in these 45 pages! Read through my steps as I take you from render to finished artwork! You will learn techniques on fixing hair poke through, and even elaborating on hair style, painting grass, blending in those feet, and painting your very own shadows…

I have been in the digital arts field for almost 10 years, with 2 years of formal traditional art training. By popular demand I have taken the time to write this tutorial to help out other fellow artists from the very new, to the seasoned hobbyist and everything in between.

Grab your mouse or pen, its time to get started!

**Please Note** for MAC Users:

When using OpenGL hardware in Poser when you import a background the background may not appear in the preview window, but it will render, however, this makes setting up your scene difficult because of placement for your character, you should switch to software mode to set up your scene.

Thanks to Evangeline for the filesScreen-Shot03

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