SV Painterly Tutorial

Painterly Tutorial

I love a good render, where everything comes together, the little things that nag at us are minimal?and easily fixable, and my Blending Tutorial covers that…However…What if you want to take?that render further? You blended it in, but what if that isn’t enough?

Many times I want to create a more painted look for my artworks, and I have been?asked numerous times ?how do you get that LOOK!??

Well here is where this tutorial comes in! In these pages I will share with you much more than I?have ever shared with anyone about my work ? ever. The questions I have been asked over the?years are answered.

This tutorial was written using Adobe Photoshop CS3, other versions may also?work though I am not certain the brushes will work in versions lower than CS3, you may even be?able to adapt it to PSP, though the brushes will not work in PSP.

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Rutherford,NSW,Australia. Been a 3d artist since 2002.Use mainly Poser,DS3A,Photoshop,Vue,C4d.