SY Fast Fog and Atmosphere Iray

Daz Studio has ground fog now, but what do you do when you want fog that doesn't look so perfectly regular? Now with better maps and meshes than ever, this set combines Daz Studio's Environment ground fog with fast-rendering planar meshes to get new effects that render faster than VDBs the same size and are visible in your preview window for easy positioning. It's fast, it's easy, and you just click, drag and go!

For those who want to spend more time customizing, many pieces have pose dials, rigged bones, and morphs to increase flexibility and options in your scenes. Time to get lost in the fog!

SY Fast Fog and Atmosphere Iray: (.DUF)
SYFF23 Cloud Fog Array 01
SYFF23 Cloud Fog Array 02
SYFF23 Creeping Flat Fog 01
SYFF23 Creeping Flat Fog 02
SYFF23 Creeping Flat Fog 03
SYFF23 Double Plane Fog 01
SYFF23 Double Plane Fog 02
SYFF23 Floating Cloud 01
SYFF23 Floating Cloud 02
SYFF23 Floating Cloud 03
SYFF23 Fog Curtain 01
SYFF23 Fog Curtain 02
SYFF23 Fog Trail 01
SYFF23 Fog Trail 02
SYFF23 Fog Trail 03
SYFF23 Fog Trail 04
SYFF23 Fogfall 01
SYFF23 Fogfall 02
SYFF23 Ground Fog Array 01
SYFF23 Ground Fog Array 02
SYFF23 Rigged Column 01
SYFF23 Rigged Column 02
SYFF23 Rigged Column 03
SYFF23 Rigged Column 04
SYFF23 Wisp Fog Array 01
SYFF23 Wisp Fog Array 02
SYFF23 Back Plane Fog Thicker
SYFF23 Back Plane Fog Thickest
SYFF23 Back Plane Fog Thinner
SYFF23 Front Plane Fog Thicker
SYFF23 Front Plane Fog Thickest
SYFF23 Front Plane Fog Thinner
SYFF23 01 Floating Cloud Black
SYFF23 01 Floating Cloud White
SYFF23 Fog Black
SYFF23 Fog Blue
SYFF23 Fog Gray
SYFF23 Fog Green
SYFF23 Fog Red
SYFF23 Fog Violet
SYFF23 Fog White
SYFF23 Fog Yellow
Render Settings:
SYFF23 Environment 0 Ground Fog Off
SYFF23 Environment Ground Fog Low
SYFF23 Environment Ground Fog Mid
SYFF23 Environment Ground Fog Upper
Textures Include:
21 Texture maps (2048 x 2048 to 4096 x 4096).
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

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