Sylve Princess Of The Forest

Sylve Princess Of The Forest
Human eyes never get to see her, but the rumors are spreading all over town. They say, there is one tiny creature living in the woods, hiding behind the trees, talking to the animals. The elderly people call her “Princess Of The Forest.” No one knows how she really looks, but the stories tell she’s small, but beautiful with tanned skinned, big eyes and spiky ears…

Sylve, Princess Of The Forest, will add a touch of magical fantasy into your runtime. But she can also be a real woman with her realistic skin, crafted from photographs only. Ten different make-ups and one natural head texture will make her fit into any of your renders. The two different face morphs, one with nymph ears and one with human ears, are completely custom while the body morph uses the Morphs++ so she fits into all of your clothing.
Sylve Princess Of The Forest

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