Tears HD Addon Lonely Tear

This product is an addition to Tears HD Plentiful Tears. it contains 10 main morphs of lonely tears and also includes 30 auxiliary correcting morphs on XYZ axis.
Now you can just receive a lonely tear for the heroine. Or you have an opportunity to experimentally add the main or correcting morphs of this product to work of morphs of plentiful tears.
All images advertising this product are executed in Iray render.
What’s Included and Features
• Tears HD Addon Lonely Tear Presets: (.DUF)
? Plentiful Tears Reset
? lonely Tear Reset
• Tears HD Addon Lonely Tear Morph Dials:
? 05 Lonely Tear L Eye Morphs
? 05 Lonely Tear R Eye Morphs
? 03 Correction Morphs Along X,Y,Z for Each Morph

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Tears HD Lonely Tear


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