Tennary House Garden

Living a peaceful life is one of the many goals that people want to achieve. Many want a city life because that's where business and money are but also want a life outside the city's chaos. Tennary House Garden offers a life away from the noise. It has spacious indoor and outdoor areas and is equipped with a pool, trees on the side, and beautiful interiors that match the earth. There's also a secret door near the bed where the elegant bathroom is. It's such a cool concept that it can be a conversation starter at any gathering. 
Tennary House Garden (.DUF)
Tennary House Garden Complete Preset
THG Aircon
THG Bench
THG Book
THG Bottle
THG Carpet
THG Ceiling
THG Ceiling Fan
THG Chair
THG Chandelier
THG Cherries
THG Dining Bench
THG Dining Table
THG Droplight
THG Flamingo
THG Floatie
THG Floor
THG Glass Door
THG Laundry Basket
THG Plant 01
THG Plant 02
THG Pool Chair
THG Refrigerator
THG Secret Door
THG Sliding Door 01
THG Sliding Door 02
THG Sliding Door 03
THG Sofa
THG Spotlight
THG Table
THG Throw Pillow
THG Tree 01
THG Tree 02
THG Tree 03
THG Vase 01
THG Vase 02
THG Vase 03
THG Wall 01
THG Wall 02
THG Wall 03
THG Wall 04
THG Wall Light
THG Washing Machine
THG Window
THG Wine
THG Wine Glass
Textures Include:
96 Texture, Bump, Displacement, and Normal Maps (512 x 512 to 4096 x 4096)
Optimized for Daz Studio Iray

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