The Black House - Living Room & Entrance

In this addition to The Black House, you will get the new inner house with lots of new details: a new fireplace, a vault in the entrance, brick walls in the entrance hall, and more detailed lighting.

This set contains not less than 84 zeroed and placed assets to modular the space at your convenience.

Of course, you will also get a preset to load the entrance hall and living room, as well as decorations for the balcony.

There is also a preset to load only the necessary outer house items to make inside renders and a great range of cameras. The living room and entrance hall set require the "The Black House" to work correctly.

Look forward to the next elegant black set: Bedroom and Bathroom.

The Black House – Living Room & Entrance (.DUF)
0 Full Scene Preload
Presets (.DUF)
1 Load Outer House Basics
2 Load Inner House For Living Room
3 Load Environment Basics
Balcony Armchair
Bar Table
Bell-Glass On Stand
Bell-Glass Only
Bell-Glass With Rose
Bell-Glass With Skull
Big Armchair
Book 1
Book 2
Book 3
Book 4
Books for Desk
Bottle 1
Bottle 2
Bottle 3
Bottle 4
Bottle 5
Bottle 6
Bottle 7
Candle Holder
Coffee Table Salon
Console Back Wall
Cup 1
Cup 2
Curtain Left
Curtain Right
Cushion Armchair
Desk Chair
Desk Set
Entrance Luster
Entrance Table
Fireplace Grid
Fireplace Mirror
Fireplace Tools
Floor Lamp Left
Floor Lamp Right
Flowers for Entrance Table
Glass Bowl 1
Glass Bowl 2
Hanging Plant
Martini Glass
Panorama Standing Frame
Picture Frame Left
Picture Frame Right
Plant 3
Playing Card 1x
Playing Cards 3x
Playing Cards
Portrait Standing Frame
Pot 1
Pot 2
Round Side Table
Round Standing Frame Big
Round Standing Frame Middle
Round Standing Frame Small
Rug Entrance Hall
Rug Living Room
Screen Left
Screen Right
Side Plant
Side Table
Small Bouquet
Small Plant
Small Vitrine
Stand Left Back
Stand With Eye
Table Deco
Table Lamp
Wall Lamp Back Wall
Wall Lamp
Wine Bottle 1
Wine Bottle 2
Wine Glass 1
Wine Glass 2
Balcony Armchair Zeroed
Bar Table Zeroed
Bell-Glass On Stand Zeroed
Bell-Glass Only Zeroed
Bell-Glass With Rose Zeroed
Bell-Glass With Skull Zeroed
Big Armchair Zeroed
Book 1 Zeroed
Book 2 Zeroed
Book 3 Zeroed
Book 4 Zeroed
Books for Desk Zeroed
Bottle 1 Zeroed
Bottle 2 Zeroed
Bottle 3 Zeroed
Bottle 4 Zeroed
Bottle 5 Zeroed
Bottle 6 Zeroed
Bottle 7 Zeroed
Bottles Zeroed
Box Zeroed
Candle Holder Zeroed
Chess Zeroed
Clock Zeroed
Coffee Table Salon Zeroed
Console Zeroed
Cup 1 Zeroed
Cup 2 Zeroed
Curtain Left Only Zeroed
Curtain Right Only
Cushion Armchair Zeroed
Desk Chair Zeroed
Desk Set Zeroed
Desk Zeroed
Doily Zeroed
Entrance Table Zeroed
Fireplace Grid Zeroed
Fireplace Mirror Zeroed
Fireplace Tools Zeroed
Fireplace Zeroed
Floor Lamp Zeroed
Flowers for Entrance Table Zeroed
Frames Zeroed
Glass Bowl 1 Zeroed
Glass Bowl 2 Zeroed
Hanging Plant Zeroed
Lantern Zeroed
Martini Glass Zeroed
Panorama Standing Frame Zeroed
Picture Frame Left Zeroed
Picture Frame Right Zeroed
Plant 3 Zeroed
Plant Zeroed
Playing Card 1x Zeroed
Playing Card 3x Zeroed
Playing Cards Zeroed
Portrait Standing Frame Zeroed
Pot 1 Zeroed
Pot 2 Zeroed
Round Side Table Zeroed
Round Standing Frame Big Zeroed
Round Standing Frame Middle Zeroed
Round Standing Frame Small Zeroed
Rug Living Room Zeroed
Rug Zeroed
Screen Left Zeroed
Screen Right Zeroed
Side Plant Zeroed
Side Table Zeroed
Small Bouquet Zeroed
Small Plant Zeroed
Small Vitrine Zeroed
Stand With Eye Zeroed
Stand Zeroed
Table Deco Zeroed
Table Lamp Zeroed
Wall Lamp Zeroed
Wine Bottle 1 Zeroed
Wine Bottle 2 Zeroed
Wine Glass 1 Zeroed
Wine Glass 2 Zeroed
Shader Presets Iray:
Black Glass
Black Leather
Black Marble
Black Paper
Black Satin
Black Velvet
Glossy Black
Lighter Paint
Rough Metal
Preset Cameras (.DUF)
4 Cameras
Textures Include:
247 Texture for Base Color, Bump, Displacement, Emissive, Height, Glossiness, Normal, Reflection, Roughness, Specular, and Transparency Maps (21 x 246 to 4096 x 4096)
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)
Name of required product Link to post in the Catalog
The Black House Base

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