The DesertRose bundle


This desert flower,
no sweet perfume ever tortured me more than this.Sweet desert rose,
this memory of Eden haunts us all.
This desert flower,
this rare perfume is the sweet intoxication of the fall…Sting, Desert Rose

The Desert Rose Collection – Exotic, sensual, and luxurious are just a few words that come to mind when feasting upon the sheer beauty of this collection.

The Desert Rose Bundle
The dance of a thousand veils comes to mind when feasting upon this breathtaking outfit. Precious metals, gemstones, exotic silks, and the finest embroidered fabrics bring you back to a time long ago, enticing you with the dances of wondrous and enchanted tales of days gone by…

Included in this bundle you will get:
Two complete characters with oodles of beautiful mix-and-match
enhancements of make-ups and henna tattoos for both the face and body.

Bra | Skirt | Sleeves | Choker | Coinbelt
Faceveil | Earrings | Headjewels | Handjewels | Footjewels


The outfit

  • conforming bra figure
  • conforming skirt figure
  • conforming choker figure
  • conforming sleeves figure
  • conforming coinbelt figure
  • eight full MATs all figures
  • separate partial MATs for selected material zones
  • pushup bra INJ and REM vor V4 (with variations for the characters Laksha and Azhar from our DesertRose character package)

The accessories

  • conforming headjewel figure
  • conforming handjewel figure
  • conforming footjewel figure
  • conforming earrings figure
  • conforming faceveil figure
  • eight full MATs for all parts

The characters

  • two INJ and REM for dialed headshapes
  • two INJ and REM for dialed bodyshapes
  • one eye fix pose
  • two full MATs for the characters
  • three body MATs with and without henna paint
  • one natural face MAT
  • 28 MATs for make up styles
  • 18 eye colors
  • one natural lip MAT
  • 4 lip colors

For all included parts

  • Poser MATs for all options
  • DS materials for all options