The Dome Old Tree

A mysterious scene that will take your characters on an unexpected adventure, which only your creativity will be able to capable of a fantastic ending to the mysteries that accompany this scene.
The Dome Old Tree: (.DUF)
Scene Subsets:
The Dome Old Tree Full
TDOT Dense Grass
TDOT Dome Terrain
TDOT Maple Group
TDOT Old Trunk Low
TDOT Plants Groups
TDOT Ivys 1 Group
TDOT Ivys 2 Group
TDOT Maple 1
TDOT Maple 2
TDOT Maple 3
TDOT Maple 4
TDOT Maple 5
TDOT Old Tree
TDOT Old Trunk
TDOT Shrub
TDOT Terrain
TDomeOT Full
TDOT Maple Tree
TDOT Old Trunk
TDOT OldTree
TDOT Plants Groups
TDOT Terrain
Preset Cameras:
TDOT All Cameras
TDOT Camera 01
TDOT Camera 02
TDOT Camera 03
TDOT Camera 04
TDOT Camera 05
TDOT Camera 06
TDOT Camera 07
TDOT Camera 08
TDOT Camera 09
TDOT Camera 10
TDOT Camera 11
TDOT Camera 12
TDOT Camera 13
TDOT Camera 14
TDOT Camera 15
TDOT Camera 16
TDOT Camera 17
TDOT Camera 18
TDOT Camera 19
TDOT Camera 20
TDOT Camera 21
TDOT Camera 22
TDOT Camera 23
TDOT Camera 24
TDOT Camera Promo
TDOT Main Camera
Render Settings:
TDOT !!Daz Default Setting
TDOT Bloom Filter OFF
TDOT Bloom! Filter ON
TDOT Bonus Daylight
TDOT Daylight-1
TDOT Daylight-2
TDOT Daylight-3
TDOT Daylight-4
TDOT Daylight-5
TDOT Daylight-6
TDOT Daylight-7
TDOT Daylight-8
TDOT Dome Rotate 120
TDOT Dome Rotate 180
TDOT Dome Rotate 210
TDOT Dome Rotate 270
TDOT Dome Rotate 320
TDOT Dome Rotate 345
TDOT Dome Rotate 360
TDOT Dome Rotate 45
TDOT Dome Rotate 90
TDOT Matte Fog OFF 05
TDOT Matte Fog ON 04
TDOT Post Denoiser OFF
TDOT Post Denoiser ON
TDOT Sky Fog Apply 01
TDOT Sky Fog Apply 02
TDOT Sky Fog Apply 03
Textures Include:
57 Texture, Base Color, Bump, Displacement, Glossiness, Height, Normal, Reflection, Roughness, Specular, and Transparency Maps (312 x 512 to 8192 x 8192)
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

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