The Fashion Model HD for Genesis 8.1 Female

The Fashion Model HD for Genesis 8.1 Female

This Fashion Model is ready to win the show and make the front cover!

In my past as a tailor, I worked with many of these long-legged, slender, perfect girls like you see in the magazines. I’ve seen countless sketches of fashion worn by disproportionate “9 head” figures. Now you have a fashion icon, forever tall and glamorous, featured as a 3D Character for Genesis 8.1!

The Fashion Model HD comes as a preset: Body, Head, long lashes, Eyebrows, long legs and a slight vascularity on the head and the body, as well as long fingernails. You also get a Body and Head, body only and head only preset. She is completed by a PBR Skin with the new texture maps. Eyelashes, Tear and Brows are separate items which can be used on any other character.

In the Parameters Tab you can dial in at your convenience: Fingernails Length, Legs Length, Vascularity Strength for Body and Head or both and Arms Length. She comes with 5 Eyebrow and 6 Eyelash colors, 26 Lip Colors, 15 Make Up presets, 10 Nail Colors and 14 Eye Colors.

The Fashion Model will be for sure one of your favorite characters to display fashion, all your fashion renders and realistic renders due to her very high-quality skin maps and detailed sculpt.

While The Fashion Model renders beautifully out of the box for the best possible results please use Render Sub-D lvl.4!

Please Note that while all Genesis 8 and 8.1 Female Poses can be used with The Fashion Model some adjustments may be needed depending on the Arm and Leg Length you have applied.

The Fashion Model HD for Genesis 8.1 Female

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