The Huntsman- Combo

you will not need to add anything else as this set is complete and ready to transfer your Genesis base into unique fantasy character in second , as easy as click and ready to go . The Huntsman is first of the full sets character on the market created by Mec4D for You . You will be not disappointed ….
Transmapped Hair- Figure ( .DUF . CR2 )
3D Fiber Beard -Figure ( .DUF . CR2 )
Shirt – Figure ( .DUF . CR2 )
Boots – Figure ( .DUF . CR2 )
Jacket – Figure ( .DUF . CR2 )
Gloves- Figure ( .DUF . CR2 )
Dagger Straps- Figure ( .DUF . CR2 )
Dagger- Figure ( .DUF . CR2 )
Pants- Figure ( .DUF . CR2 )
Tobacco Bag- Figure ( .DUF . CR2 )
Arrow holder with Arrows- Figure ( .DUF . CR2 )
Single Arrow- Figure ( .DUF . CR2 )
Belt with Compas- Figure ( .DUF . CR2 )
Dragon Head Hair Decor- Figure ( .DUF . CR2 )
Bow with Arrow- Figure ( .DUF . CR2 )
Actor character with textured head-neck ( DUF . CR2 )
High Resolution Load all set ( DUF . CR2 )
Low Resolution Load all set ( DUF. CR2 )
Character, Hair ,Weapons ,Clothing Textures : Color, Specular, Normals etc.. for all clothing in 4096px High Resolution and 2048px in Low Resolution
DAZ Studio 4.5 (DS) Material Presets to Aplly All options and DSON Materials and CR2 to use with Poser9 and Poser 2012

Beard Morph- Shorter Longer
Full Body Morph
Clothing are setup on Auto Follow any Genesis Shape

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