The Little Twins


DAZ Studio 4.8 only I’m proud to present these little toon characters for Genesis 2 Male(s) and Genesis 2 Female(s). This set includes the character presets, and a Faerie Ears morph and Little Twins Female Body morph.
Sport clothing for both boy and girl – Shirt, Short, Tennis, socks – and also 2 special hairs morphs for the WildMane hair and the Toulouse hair (essentials). I crafted all of the morphs for these original characters (brows, mouth, eyes, expression etc..) in order to get the best look for these little cuties.

What’s Included and Features

The Little Twins: (.DUF)
Little Twins Male Full Character Preset
Little Twins Female Full Character Preset
Little Twins Female Body Morph Dial
Little Twins Morph Dial
WildMane Hair Little Twins Fit Morph Male/Female
Toulouse Hair Little Twins Fit Morph Male/Female
Faerie Ears Morph Dial
Poses: (.DUF)
01 Hierarchical Zero Toes Pose for Genesis 2 Female(s)
01 Hierarchical Zero Toes Pose for Genesis 2 Male(s)
The Little Twins Character Material Options:
Base Skin Male/Female
No Nipples Male/Female
Nipples Male/Female
The Little Twins Clothing: (.DUF)
Sport Shorts 1 Male/Female Versions
Sport Shorts 2 Male/Female Versions
Boy Shirt Male/Female Versions
Girl Shirt Male/Female Versions
Girl Tennis Shoes Male/Female Versions
Tennis Shoes Male/Female Versions
Supported Genesis 2 Shapes:
Genesis 2 Female Base
Genesis 2 Male Base
The Little twins
Little Twins Female Body
Other Shapes supported in DAZ Studio by Auto-follow
The Little Twins Clothing Material Options:
Boy Shirt Text
Girl Shirt Text
Girl Tennis
Sport Short 1 Blue
Sport Short 2 Blue
Tennis Blue
Tennis Green
Tennis Pink
Tennis Red
Textures Include:
08 Texture Maps (4096 x 4096)
05 Texture Maps (2048 x 2048)
Texture Templates available through the Product Library
DAZ Studio Material Presets (.DUF)


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