The Sylph Pavilion

The Sylph Pavilion

The Sylph Pavilion

Welcome to the world of the Sylph!

The Sylph Pavilion and its custom tailored Rock Base was created to fit into high fantasy inspired render themes, but can also match as an otherworldly, elegant and ethereal environment.

Two ready to render setups with and without Rock Base are included, complete with light sources, matching render scenes with either high or low resolution textures. Multiple camera presets enable you to quickly navigate this set and pick your render frame of choice.

All of the pre-assembled environment scene subsets have been set up with instances, so the pavilion is easy to handle and you can delete all the parts not needed for your render.

Four full texture sets – two plain, two ornate – plus different brightness sets for the emissive parts of the lamps and light colors are included.

Two HDRI based render presets with day and night light moods complete this expansive environment.

Please note that the Sylph Pavilion environment is a very big set which can be taxing on some systems.

If you want to avoid long texture loading and rendering times or want to minimize the strain on your system, you can always delete instances of the set or use the alternative included low resolution textures for the pavilion and the Rock Base.

The Sylph Pavilion is part of a themed group release, consisting of this environment, a full outfit set with outer wear and undergarments, a Character and Matching Poses!


The Sylph Pavilion


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