Throne of the Dragon

Two Story Gothic Great Hall Scene (BR6)
Perfectly scaled for Poser and Studio figures
Twenty Separate Objects for creating your own scene (OBP)
Throne of the Dragon
Wall section with leaded glass transparent windows
Buttressed wall section
Buttressed wall section with Door
Frescoed ceiling for wide angle action scenes
Winding staircase
Gothic candelabra
Wall mounted torches
Framed portrait of Prince Vlad
Framed portrait of another blood seeker, the Countess of Bathory
Highly detailed floor
Prince Vlad’s banner
Heavy wooden table
Highly detailed rug
Top span wall section
Wooden panel
Two Archways
Two Columns
Nine Bryce Material Presets (MAT)
Stair Material
Heavy wood
Batwing Material
Dias, Floor Seal
Arch Material
Ceiling Fresco

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