Top Fuel Dragster Race Track

Top Fuel Dragster Race Track

Top Fuel Dragster Race Track

Feel the thrill of the races with this realistic depiction of a Dragster Race Track.

Look no further if you want to hear the roaring of the engines. Take a seat either on the grandstand, in the VIP area, or even in the observation bridge behind the monitors.

The pack comes with a pre-saved race track scene. Just double click on the provided lighting preset after loading the scene in order the get the best out of your renders. The scene doesn’t contain any HDRI, so feel free to adjust the time of day as you wish under the environment options.

Despite the several premade prop groups, most of the buildings are modular so you can build your own track layout anytime.

The props below are rigged, please find all the corresponding functions under the CONTROLS section in the parameters tab of the prop.

– Lamp Post (adjust light and speaker)

– Observation Bridge (doors)

– VIP Building Balcony and main modules (doors)

– Monitors

Premade mask templates for the scoreboard and display templates for the monitors are provided – you can make your own displays with ease.

There are several advertisement boards amongst the props, customize them easily by replacing the ads with your choice of pictures using any photo editing software.

Top Fuel Dragster Race Track