Tired of your street scenes looking desolate?
Now you can fill your streets the economical way with Traffikar, the light-weight vehicle. With only 4,376 polys you can populate your scene with the many styles and colors of TraffiKar.

It eliminates all interior detail that would go unused in background traffic. Its light construction and easy 11 morphs let you create a diverse range of street and air vehicles.

TraffiKar comes with rotating tires that can also be posed as repulsors for hovering, or thrusters for higher altitudes.

In addition, a lighter TraffiKar, without tires, can be added when you want to further slim down your poly count for those distant traffic jams.

Three different texture designs allow you to modify the style of each car. Each design comes in four different states of wear from factory fresh to rust bucket. Displacement maps add more realism for closer camera angles. Material designs allow you to pick your own individual body colors and accent maps allow you to add a secondary color, so that no two cars ever need be the same.

Four pre-constructed groups of traffic or TraffiQ’s allow you to build up your urban congestion.