Tropical indoor public pool

Tropical indoor public pool
The tropical indoor public pool is a complete and huge scene, ready for some great renders?or stories. Your favorite characters will love a swim in it, sliding down the water slides and?relaxing in the hot water jacuzzi.

Although its a huge scene, the textures together are less than 7MB. So it’s actually not that?RAM demanding as it looks. The plants and trees are devided into four seperately loadable?sections to save RAM too.

Included in this product is:

In the “Props” library:
-Kids slide
-Plants NE
-Plants NW
-Plants SE
-Plants SW

In the “light” library:
-Sunlight infinite lights to simulate sunlight, available in standard, high?and extra high quality. It loads a warm colored “sun” and a
cool colored shadow light to point at the shadow side.
There are separate light presets for Poser pro 2014 and Poser 10.
These are raytrace shadows only.

-Tunnel lights Point lights and a watersurface reflection effect lights, available?in standard and high quality. They can be combined with the sunlight.

The quality settings explained:
Standard quality normal point and infinite lights, sharp shadows and fast renders?High quality With realistic shadow blur, soft shadows but longer render times?Extra high quality With realistic shadow blur and ambient occlusion for small?shadows around the edges of geometry, very realistic but?long render times. This option uses more RAM memory.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy the model and come up with some beautiful renders.

Tropical indoor public pool